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General Paph Information

Paph Potting Mixes


Species Specific Paph Culture Information

Paph. dayanum

Paph. delenatii

Paph. exul

Paph hainanense

Paph haynaldianum

Paph henryanum

Paph. lawrenceanum

Paph liemianum

Paph malipoense

Paph parishii

Paph roebelenii

Paph rothschildianum

Paph spicerianum

Paph stonei

Paph superbiens

Paph tigrinum

Paph volonteanaum


Here at the Gore Orchid Conservatory, we hope that you get the most out of your new orchids, and avoid the frustration of unhealthy and dying plants. In the pages that follow, we have provided some basic growing and care advice for your slipper orchids, and more can be found through our off-site links page.

On our Paphiopedilum culture page, you can find information about light requirements, fertilizer, and temperatures that will best suit your Paph. In addition, we've added a page dedicated to potting your paphs, listing the favored potting mediums used by some of the luminaries of the slipper orchid world.

You can also find general Phragmipedium cultural information in our cultural section. Along with general growing tips for phrags, you can find infomarion about semi-hydroponic culture for phrags, a method that has become very popular and probably produces the best results yet with these water-loving orchids.

Keep in mind, however, that many slipper orchids do not follow the general rules provided here, and the cultural requirements of other orchid genera are too vast to even begin dealing with here. It is always best to look up information about your specific species, and perhaps the best resourses anywhere are the excellent (but sometimes expensive) books written about slipper orchids.

Victorian Orchid Books

During the Orchid Boom of the 19th Century, many beautiful volumes were published regarding orchid classification and care. Here we offer several of these books for FREE download. Not only do theses books offer a glimpse into the past, they hold some valuable information that growers will still find useful today. Just click the link below.


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General Phrag Information


Quasi-Hydroponics for Phrags

Not exactly semi-hydro, not exactly hydroponics, but easy and GREAT for your Phrags (and Disas)!


List of Wet Growing Phrags

This list will help you determine whether your Phrag is suitable for quasi-hydroponic culture. Some wet growing Phrags grow wetter than others, so use this as a guideline rather than an authority.


Species Specific Phrag Culture Information

Phrag besseae

Phrag fischeri

Phrag schlimii


General Orchid Growing Tips

Fertilizing Your Orchids