The slipper orchids of the New World (South America to Mexico) are classified under the genus Phragmipedium, more frequently reffered to as "Phrags". Unlike the Paphiopedilum, many of the Phrag species are characterized by very subdued colors, mostly greens and browns. Only a few species, most notably Phrag. besseae, fischerii, schlimii, and the newly discovered kovachii, exhibit bright, vibrant colors, ranging from bright red (in the besseae) to purples and pinks.

Phrag species are considerably less popular than those of the genus Paphiopedilum. Instead, phrag hybrids are made between the brightly colored species and the long petaled, exotic formed species.

For anyone considering buying their first slipper orchid, I would suggest starting with a Phrag hybrid. Phrags grow quickly compared to other slippers, and bloom frequently. I have a Phrag Chuck Acker that has bloomed every 3 months for the past 9 months, and I expect it to continue. Furthermore, Phrags are almost impossible to kill by overwatering! Overwatering is the leading cause of death in other orchid genera. These factors make Phrags very easy and enjoyable orchids to grow.


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Species Name Description Size Price
Phrag. kovachii Probably the most anticipated Phragmipedium in history, Phrag kovachii is finally available! Well, almost. I need to put a couple more inches of growth on these guys before they're ready to sell. Wish me luck in not killing them before they are ready!

Photo used with the generous permission of Kyle Lucyk.

4-5" seedlings
Phrag besseae Paute x besseae 'A-one' This is another one of Chuck Acker's recent crosses. These besseae should be a spectacular red with excellent form. I'm expecting award quality besseae here. 5-6" $20 More available soon!
Phrag fischeri Phrag. fischeri is a recently discovered species, having been discovered in 1996. This particular cross is a selfing of Chuck Acker's Phrag. fischeri. Fischeri are generally medium sized, a range of purple colors, and rounder in shape than besseae. Recently out of flask. 3.5-4" seedlings $20 More available soon.
Phrag. longifolium One of the most vigorous growing Phrag species, Phrag. longifolium enjoys very wet conditions. In their natural habitat, they are sometimes completely submerged by floodwaters. NBS-BS $18 Temporailty unavailable
Phrag. sargentianum A large growing species with unusual, yellow-green blooms. Like Phrag. lindleyanum, the opening to the pouch is gaping, and the rounded petal ends are red-purple

The photo to the left is the very similar species Phrag. lindleyanum.

NBS $20
Phrag. hirtzii

This is an unusual phrag species in its growth pattern. Phrag hirtzii is small growing, with grassy, narrow leaves.

It's blooms are similar to those of Phrag longifolium, but have well twisted petals. Very attractive, and great for those of us with limited space. Phrag. Mountain Maid is a beautiful hybrid made with this species.

12 + inches natural spread.

$18 Temporarily Unavailable
Phrag. ecuadorense fma. colombia As the name suggests, this is the form of ecuadorense that is found in Colombia. These are similar to hirtzii in that they are small, dark green, grassy looking plants.

Ecuadorense, sometimes called a subspecies of Phrag. pearcei, produced blooms that are similar in form to pearcei. The colombian form is supposed to be larger flowered and darker colored than the typical Ecuadorian form.

These were sold to me as mature, FS plants, but they seem way too small to me. Some have multiple growths, about 6" LS.

Seedlings $20

We're very happy to be able to now offer some of the finest Phrag hybrids available on the market. Many of these come from renown breeder Chuck Acker. The hybrids offered here run the gamut of shapes and colors, from purples and pinks to bright red, and even a phrag that sometimes blooms almost white. Among these are many tetraploid (4N) parents! Tetraploidy is the state of having a double set of chromosomes, which leads to increased plant vigor, robusticity, and bloom size. These are plants that will not disappoint!

Phragmipedium Hybrids
Hybrid Name Description Size Price

Phrag Franz Glanz (richteri x besseae)

Phrag. Franz Glanz is similar in shape to Phrag Wössen or Silver Eagle, but in a range of warm red and orange hues.

Since besseae and richteri are both compact plants, expect these to remain small, with bright blooms!

10-12" large seedlings $15  
Phrag. Twilight 'Rising Rocket' 4N AM/AOS x fischeri. Phrag Twilight 'Rising Rocket' is similar in form to a Phrag. Eric Young, but the color is a beautiful deep scarlet rather than orange. As you can see in the photo, some are blooming out like well colored Phrags. Cape Sunset.

There is variability, though. The breeder, Chuck Acker, has shown me a photo of one in which the color was a solid burgundy on the petals, pouch, and dorsal sepal.

14+" Flowering Size $26  
Phrag. Silver Eagle (Phrag. schlimii 'Isolde' x Phrag. boissierianum var. czerwiakowianum 'Emerald Giant' ) Amongst a collection of red Phrags, these blooms really stand out! The coloring of the Phrag Silver Eagle ranges from a schlimii pink to a bright pure white! Very striking. These are small blooms on compact plants. 6-8" leaf span $25 Sold out!
Phrag. Olaf Gruss flavum
(pearcei x besseae flavum)
A small growing and beautiful hybrid, with blooms in yellow and peach! Definitely worth a web-search for photos! 6-8" seedlings $15 Temporarily Unavailable
Phrag. Acker's Superstar 4N x Waunakee Sunset

Acker's Superstar is a cross of two Phrag hybrids that every collector has heard of: Jason Fischer x Eric Young. Waunakee Sunset is a vivid dark red with excellent form. These should have great color!

Larger plants also available; please email me for info. The photo to the left is my first bloom, but the color is bad for this cross. Chuck Acker's have bloomed a deep, blood red.
10"+ NBS $15 Temporarily unavailable
Phrag Acker's Superstar 4N x Mem. Dick Clements 4N With two tetraploid parents, this cross will be memorable! These should produce large, vividly red blooms with excellent shape. Blooms may be similar in form to the Acker's Superstar x Waunakee Sunset hybrid, but with larger blooms. 7" leaf span seedlings $18  
Phrag Elizabeth Castle 4N In Elizabeth Castle we have a hybrid between Mem. Dick Clements and Hanne Popow. The result is a beautiful full, symetical bloom (from the MDC) in colors ranging from purple to raspberry red (from the Hanne Popow). Again, the 4N breeding will make these outstanding! These will also be nice compact plants. 6" + LS $24  
Phragmipedium Audrey

(Phrag Twilight 'Rising Rocket' 4N AM/AOS x Grande 'Vista' 4N)

Phrag Audrey is a newly named hybrid, published with a recent RHS update (Sept. 2006)

Phrag Twilight 'Rising Rocket' is similar in form to a Phrag. Eric Young, but the color is a beautiful deep scarlet rather than orange. These large red blooms crossed with the long petals of Grande should produce results similar to China Dragon, but with larger flowers and probably wider petals.

Large Seedlings

10+ "

Phrag Don Wimber 4N x Grande 'Vista' 4N I expect these to be similar to the Twilight x Grande hybrid. Phrag Don Wimber is (Eric Young x besseae), and in their 4N form, are frequently 4 inches in width, with nice red color. Grande will produce long petals and elongated dorsal sepal. NBS $29  
Phrag Sunset Glow

Phrag Eric Young 'Rocket Fire' 4N x Phrag. Mem. Dick Clements. Chuck Acker told me that these are blooming in his greenhouse right now (Nov. 2005) and are spectacular!

These are large flowers, with great size and color from the 4N Eric Young. The MDC will add improved form, and perhaps a more saturated color.
NBS+ $22  
Phrag Jason Fischer 4N These beautiful seedlings come from renown breeder Chuck Acker. I expect award quality blooms in vivid red, with great breeding potential as well . 8+" seedlings. $20  
Phrag Jason Fischer (Mem. Dick Clements x besseae 'Noyo') This is one of the most popular Phrag hybrids in recent years, and rightly so. Phrag Jason Fischer is stunningly red; photos don't convey the vivid color sufficiently, this needs to be seen in person.

Blooming Size $32  
Phrag Noirmont (longifolium 'Fu Man Chu' x Mem. Dick Clements 'Three Flames') Phrag Noirmont usually retains the beautiful red coloration of Mem. Dick Clements, and picks up unusual, down-swept petal form from the longifolium. However, as with all hybrids, there is variation: check out the photo of Phrag Noirmont 'A-doribil' FCC/AOS at, it's different and amazing.

Since the pod parent here is the longifolium, I'm expecting that some of them will be closer to longifolium in shape and form (like 'A-doribil') with the color of Mem. Dick Clements. The photo to the left is not this grex.

Blooming Size $28  
Phrag. Acker's Starlight

(Phrag Twilight 'Rising Rocket' 4N AM/AOS x besseae)

Phrag Twilight 'Rising Rocket' is similar in form to a larger Phrag. Eric Young, but the color is a beautiful deep scarlet rather than orange. The besseae in the cross should contribute flatness, symetry, and perhaps a more intense red color. Seedling,


$15 temporarily unavailable.
Phrag. China Dragon 4N

(Grande 4N x besseae 4N)

This is a China Dragon of exceptional breeding, with two tetraploid parents. These should be robust plants with larger than typical blooms in vibrant red to orange colors with long petals.

Only a few available at this time.

6" Seedlings $22
Phrag. Giganteum (Grande 4N x caudatum 'Windy Hill' CCM/AOS) Phrag Giganteum is a gorgeous, long petaled hybrid. The plants themsleves grow to be quite large, and the spikes, which carry multiple open blooms, can be three feet tall or more. In some respects they are like Phrag Grande, but frequently with longer petals. Seedlings,


$12 temporarily unavailable
Phrag. Betheva (caudatum x pearcei) This is another long petaled hybrid, with striking spots inside of the lip. It is worth searching for a picture of these. NBS $18  
Phrag Wössen (schlimii x richteri) Phrag Wössen is very sharp looking little hybrid, somewhat similar to Phrag Silver Eagle. The blooms should be mostly white with some pink, some may be mostly pink. 5" seedlings $12  

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