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Cleisostoma subulatum An unusual member of the genus, whith long, thick leaves on a monopodial plant. Leaves grow to approx. 10 inches long, but are roughly 1/4" wide. Prodces several attractive, small blooms per spike. Imported. blooming size




Dendrobium farmeri A very popular dendrobium with white and yellow blooms. Nice healthy plants with multiple mature canes. Imported. Blooming Size



Dendrobium sanguinolentum An attractive and uncommon species, with cream colored flowers with purple petal tips. Commonly called the "Blood stained" dendrobium.


Blooming Size $24 Sold Out

Dendrobium secundum f. album This is the gorgeous albino form of the species. Not easy to find, and usually quite expensive. At least 3 canes, blooming size Imported. Blooming Size



Eria biflora A smaller growing Eria, about 6-8 inches tall. Each pseudobulb/cane is flattened, with 4 or 5 leaves at the end. The blooms are creamy white, held close to the plant in pairs next to orange bracts.


Blooming Size $14 Sold Out
Phalaenopsis schilleriana Phal schilleriana is one of the most beatiful of the Phal species. It is unusual because, unlike the drab olive leaves of most Phal hybrids, schilleriana has gorgeous mottled leaves. The leaves are a dark olive green with light, almost silvery green stripes of spotting. The roots are silvery and flat.

In addition, the blooms are a classic Phal. shape, mostly white or light pink with a darker pink blush. The spikes branch and can produce dozens of blooms. Not only that, they are usually FRAGRANT! I have it on good authority that they smell strongly of roses, but opinions my vary on that.

5-7" $10 Sold Out
Phalaenopsis schilleriana var purpurea The same as the typical form, but with darker pink or purple blooms.See photo here.

The print pictured here is the typical form.

4+" seedling $10 Sold Out
Sarcoglyphis comberi A relatively small, warm growing species. The plant is monopodial like a vanda, but each half of the leaf forms its own point, creating a V shaped notch at the end of each leaf.

These are easy and prolific bloomers. Afer growing some of these for only a couple of weeks, I began getting multiple spikes. Each spike holds several small, but attractive pink lipped blooms.


Blooming Size $16.50 Sold Out


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