Raising seedlings from the flask can be extremely rewarding and cost effective, but does require considerable patience. The fastest growing paphs will bloom no sooner than two years from the time they are deflasked, and many will take years longer. However, raising 20 or more plants from a cross gives you a very good chance of getting at least one exceptional plant, and you get to witness the tremendous amount of variety that two parent plants can produce.

Growing flasks is also a great way to increase your collection size, and your extra plants can be traded to friends or orchid society members for more orchids!

All flasks listed below contain at least 20 plants, some will contain many more. At this time, ALL plantlets will be shipped out of flask, though you may request that I leave the agar intact (as much as is possible) or rinse it off.

Information about raising orchids from flask will be available here soon. In the meantime, feel free to email me if you have questions.

Paphiopedilum stonei
('white twist' x 'arms wide')
This is a cross of two parents imported from Malaysia. 'White Twist" is pictured at left, and had a beautifully colored pouch but a white dorsal sepal. 'Arms Wide' also had a mostly white dorsal, but has wider, more outstretched petals.

For those of you who like variety in your collection, this is a great stonei cross. Ready to deflask now!

  Phragmipedium boisserianum Growing nicely in flask, should be available mid summer.
Paphiopedilum tigrinum
('burning bright' x self)
Still a rare species, these flasks are the product of one of the most vigorous specimens that I have seen, with a beautifully large, wide dorsal sepal.