A NOTE on Imported Plants:

Importing allows me to offer plants that are rare in the US, and the plants tend to be less expensive, but also not as pristine in appearance as domestic plants; you should expect some leaf damage from shipping. In addition, you might expect some insect damage or leaf damage from the plants’ previous growing conditions, which were likely much more primitive than we have come to expect in American greenhouses. Smaller plants tend to have a better appearance than larger ones. If you would like photographic examples of the condition of these plants, please let me know before ordering.

Despite some cosmetic flaws, these plants are usually very vigorous, and will be as beautiful as any of your other orchids in a short time. More importantly, they offer fresh genetic material for breeding programs, and more variety than you will find in domestic plants; you may end up with plants that are particularly dark or light in color, that are larger or smaller than those you have seen before, or slightly different in shape. These are traits that are especially important to those of us who are conservation minded, and would like to maintain as much genetic variation in our collections as possible.