Terms of Sale


At this time, shipping is limited to the contiguous 48 states of the USA which do not require phytosanitary documents for the import of plants. Sorry, no shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, or states requiring phytosanitary documenation. It is your responsibility to determine whether your state requires phytosanitary documentation; few of them do. FLASKS may be shipped to Hawaii.

Plants designated as "Blooming Size" contain at least one mature growth that, under favorable cultural conditions, should bloom during the following blooming season.

Plants designated as "Near Blooming Size" contain at least one near mature growth that may not bloom during the next blooming season, but will most likely bloom during the following blooming season.

Both designations are intended to be helpful indicators of the maturity of the largest growth of the plant, but do not guarantee that the plants referred to by these terms will bloom during the specified time period. Many factors, such as poor cultural practices will retard blooming time.

Online Ordering

Simply press the "Add to Cart" button (an example is displayed below) corresponding with the plant you wish to order. You may add multiple items to your cart, and pay for them at the same time with a Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal. Your Shopping Cart can be viewed at any time by pressing the "View Cart" button located at the bottom of each page or table.




Updated MAY 10, 2008


I've had to make a couple of changes regarding shipping. Now, all orders will be billed for shipping at the time of shipping, according to the total cost of the order. The rates are as follows (for USPS Priority Mail):

$00.01 - $50 = $10
$50.01 - $100 = $15
$100.01 - 200 = $20
$200.01 - up = $25

HOWEVER, if the difference in actual shipping and billed shipping is greater than $5, you will receive a refund on the shipping charge so that you're only billed the actual shipping cost. Likewise, if your actual shipping costs more than $5 more than you've paid, you'll be billed for the remainder. This will be sent as a PayPal bill.

All plants will be shipped in their pots unless we are instructed otherwise. You may choose to have your plants shipped bare-root in order to save on shipping costs, but we do not recommend it.

Orders will be shipped by USPS priority mail unless otherwise specified. I will be happy to accomodate other requests, and will recommend expedited shipping in cold weather.

For very large orders, an additional boxing fee may be charged.

If you would like a shipping ESTIMATE before ordering, just email me (at jmgore@goreorchids.com) and tell me what you'd like to order, and I'll give you the best estimate that I can.



Most photos are the property of The Orchid Conservatory. Photos may be used with our permission. All other photos are believed to be in the public domain, or are used with permission. If you believe that any of the displayed photos are not in the public domain, please email us, and we will remove them immediately.