Paphiopedilum callosum
Click on the photo above to view a 3D representation of Paph callosum var.sublaeve. The image will rotate when clicked, but you may also manually control the view aspect by clicking and dragging the image left or right. Two additional 3Ds are available on the 3D gallery page.
Habitat Information
Geographic Distribution SE Asia, including Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand
Elevation 1000-4000 ft
Blooming Season (N. hemisphere) Spring; May and June have been my heaviest blooming months, but many bloom as late as July
Light Requirements Either bright or dim shade
Temperatures intermediate
Substrate Grows in leaf litter on the forst floor, sometimes in sandy and mossy soil (particularly var. sublaeve).
Humidity Prefers high humidity
Culture Notes

Callosum is closely related to Paph. barbatum. Paph. callosum var. sublaeve, being found between the geographic ranges of callosum and barbatum, is intermediate in form between the two.

This is a very easy species to grow. They reliably bloom every spring and produce multiple new growths each year.

Paph. concolor Paph concolor Paph. concolor Paph. concolor Paph. concolor
Paph. concolor Paph. concolor Paph. concolor