Paphiopedilum dayanum
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Habitat Information
Geographic Distribution Sabah, Borneo
Elevation 1000-5000 ft
Blooming Season (N. hemisphere) Summer, sometimes blooms twice year, with the second blooming season in the winter
Light Requirements Either bright or dim shade
Substrate Grows in humus on forest slopes. Due to the presence of serpentine and limestone, medium may be alkaline
Water The winter is cool and very wet, while the summer is relatively dry
Humidity Prefers high humidity
Culture Notes Paph dayanum, as can be seen in the photo below, has two different forms of leaf coloration. These forms are not related to distinct regions; they grow intermixed within the same population. However, Birk suggests that there are bloom color differences between highland and lowland populations, the lowland flowers being paler, but larger.
Paph. concolor Paph concolor Paph. concolor Paph. concolor Paph. concolor
Paph. concolor Paph. concolor Paph. concolor