Paph delenatii
Habitat Information:

Geographic Distribution: China and Vietnam


Blooming Season (North): Early Winter (December) in the wild. In cultivation, however, they tend to bloom in late winter or early spring, with the peak around March.

Light requirements: Moderately bright shade

Temperatures : intermediate, summers in the mid 80s, winter highs around 70.

Substrate: Unlike its parvi relatives, Paph delenatii grows best in an acidic substrate, and grows particularly well with the addition of some moss to the medium, according to some growers. Lance Birk famously grew this species in pure moss.


Humidity: Moderately high.


This little beauty has become very popular in recent years, especially since the species was rediscovered in Vietnam. The newer line of breeding tends to produce darker pouches and sometimes larger bloomes.

Because of its popularity, this species is now widely available and easy to grow. It is compact, with mature growths sometimes smaller than 5 inches in leafspan, and requires only moderately bright shade to bloom.

This species is also fragrant, though some claim that the older, paler-pouched variety is more likely to have a noticeable fragrance.

Paph delenatii
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Paph. delenatii 3D

Paphiopedilum delenatii