Paphiopedilum exul
Habitat Information
Geographic Distribution Krabi and coastal islands, and along the coasts of the Malay Peninusla in Thailand.
Elevation Paph exul grows near sea level, and slightly above (less than 200 ft.)
Blooming Season (N. hemisphere) Late winter, but primarily spring.
Light Requirements This plant can thrive in full sun or partial shade, provided that it has sufficient air movement.
Temperatures Warm growing, is happy in hot climates, low temps around 70, highs in the mid 90s.
Substrate Naturally a lithophyte, needs a well draining mix and enjoys some mineral content, grows on limestone cliffs.
Water Water heavily throughout the year, except for a few months in late winter and early spring, which should be relatively dry and bright.
Humidity Prefers high humidity
Culture Notes Paph. exul should be grows best in very bright conditions, even full sun if there is sufficient air movement. If the medium stays too moist, they are prone to rot or other infections.
Paph. concolor
Paph concolor
Paph. concolor Paph. concolor