Paphiopedilum fowliei
Paph fowliei
Habitat Information
Geographic Distribution Palawan Islands, the Philippines
Blooming Season (N. hemisphere) April - June (Birk: 2004) , March - May according to AOS award data.
Light Requirements Moderately bright shade; this species grows well about a foot under fluorescent lights. Birk reports that this species grows on exposed cliff faces but never in direct sun.
Temperatures Only slight variations throughout the year; summer highs are in the mid 80s, lows in the mid 60s, while winter highs are in the high 70s, lows just below 60.
Substrate Grows in collected detritus on limestone cliffs; this is a medium that retains water well but does contain some mineral content from the cliffs. Grows well in fine bark or coconut husk chips supplimented, some suppliment with lime.
Water Enjoys frequent watering throughout the year.
Humidity Prefers high humidity but with good air movement.
Culture Notes

This happens to have been the very first Paph species that I ever owned, and my original plant is still alive and growing well. The plant is easy to grow and produces new growths quickly and matures them in less than a year.

Paph fowlieiPaph fowlieipaphiopedilum fowlieiPaph fowliei