Paph haynaldianum
Habitat Information:

Geographic Distribution::Philippines islands of Luzon and Negros.

Blooming Season (North): Spring (March-May) In the wild, it blooms during the dryest time of year, Jan.-March (Cribb:1987).

Light requirements: Like most strap-leaved paphs, these enjoy bright, indirect light. 2000-3000 fc. In fact, Paph haynaldianum can be bloomed with a bit less light than most other multi-floral paphs.

Temperatures : According to Cribb, summer high temperatures average around 90 F during the day, and winter temperatures are near freezing.

Substrate: Found on both trees and rocks in humus and moss

Water: June-September is monsoon season, and high winds and rain are typical. In cultivation, however, extra watering is not necessary.

Paph haynaldianum
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