Paph. henryanum (1987: Braem)
Habitat Information:

Geographic Distribution::Yunan Province, China, near Vietnam.


Blooming Season (North): Fall to early winter is typical.

Light requirements: Some have suggested that these prefer more light than is typical of other single flowered paphs. Mine grow well about 10 inches below 4 fluorescent bulbs; I have not tried them under natural light yet.

Temperatures :

Substrate: Henryanum is an epiphyte, growing on the moss and detiritus collected on trees. Consequently, they prefer an open, well draining mix with good air movement, with a slightly acidic pH.



Paph henryanum is a small, highly variable, easy to grow species. They are very rewarding because of the large, brightly colored blooms that they produce on surprisingly small plants.

There are some reports of Paph. henryanum growing in Vietnam, although it is unclear whether these are the same species.