Paph. sanderianum
Habitat Information:

Geographic Distribution:: Sarawak, Borneo

Elevation: High and low elevation populations are known; from near sea level to 1000 meters.

Blooming Season (North): In its natural habitat, they are reported to bloom in early Spring. In cultivation, they frequently bloom in late summer.

Light requirements: Requires less light than many multiflorals; moderately bright diffuse light.

Temperatures :

Substrate: Paphiopedilum sanderianum grows on cliffs of basic (pH) limestone, with its roots anchored on the stone itself. Roots are typically covered with moss and detritus. As a result, the addition of limestone, crushed oyster shell, or similar materials to the potting medium is very important.

Water: The habitat of Paph sanderianum receives precipitation year round; they should not dry out. Although ample water is important, an open, well draining mix is equally important.

Humidity: Constantly high.