Paph spicerianum (1878)
Habitat Information:

Geographic Distribution::Bhutan, India

Altitude: 300-1300 meters

Blooming Season (North): Fall-Winter (Oct.-Jan.)

Light requirements: Low-medium

Temperatures : Cool to intermediate

Substrate: Limestone cliffs and hill-sides (higher pH).

Water: Water with a pH between 7 and 7.5 is ideal, with some mineral content.

Paph spicerianum is a great species for growers of an level. They are easy to care for, tolerate a wide range of temperatures, can bloom with relatively low light levels, and grow very quickly for the genus. Plants will frequently reach blooming size the second year out of flask, and once they are blooming size, will quickly produce multiple growths, filling a large pot in just a couple of years.

The delicate green pouch and petals contrasted with the pure white dorsal sepal found on the typical Paph spicerianum produces an elegant overall effect that everyone can enjoy.

At least one additonal variety has been identified, referred to as Paph. spicerianum var. giganteum, which is differentiated by a larger leaf span and larger blooms.