Paphiopedilum stonei (1862:Hooker)
Habitat Information:

Geographic Distribution: Sarawak, Borneo.

Elevation: 60-500 meters

Blooming Season (North): Usually blooms in the spring to early summer. (May-July)

Light requirements: Paph stonei grows on cliffs and rock faces that get their shade from trees growing nearby. The light is generally bright, though not direct.

Temperatures :

Substrate: Stonei primarily clings to limestone rock and cliffs, with very little debris covering its roots. The pH is alkaline.

Water: Although it does get mist and condensation year round, it tends to grow in dryer conditions than some other Paphs. During the monsoon season (winter), it gets quite a bit of rain, but conditions are dryer during the summer.

Humidity: Moderate humidity. Good air movement is especially important.

As these antique botanical drawings show, Paph stonei with striped dorsal sepals and those with plain white dorsal sepals have been known for over a century.

My photos on this page show a Paph stonei specimen that bear a much stronger resemblance to the drawing on the left.

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