Phrag schlimii
Habitat Information:

Geographic Distribution: Colombia

Elevation: 4800-6200 ft.

Blooming Season (North): Free blooming, but Autumn is most common.

Light requirements: Bright diffuse. In its natural habitat, there are only about 1 or 2 days per month that are not cloudy, and they still have shade from other vegetation. Direct sun is dangerous, but 2500 fc is fine.

Temperatures : The temperatures are stable year round, with only about 2 degrees F difference between winter and summer. Highs are in the low 80s and high 70s, and lows are just above 60.

Substrate: Phrag schlimii is found on mountainsides (facing east), usually near rivers or creeks, but always with abundant water present. Grow like other Phrags, with some moss in the potting medium, but with a medium that allows plenty of air to the roots. Their natural substrate is likely acidic.

Water: Like most phrag species, Phrag schlimii prefers very pure water, and plenty of it.

Humidity: Around 70%, year round.

Phrag. schlimii was one of the most popular (perhaps the only popular) phrags species grown during the 19th century, and was used extensively in creating pink hybrids at that time. Many of these hybrids are still popular today.

When bred, schlimii passes on its color very strongly. Hybrids usually turn out white or pink, even when Phrag schlimii is the pollen parent.

The information provided above was found in the wonderful book: Orchid Species Culture: Pescatoria, Phaius, Phalaenopsis, Pholidota, Phragmipedium, Pleione by Margaret and Charles Baker, published by Timber Press, 1991. The Phrag section covers species known at the time, and spans pages139-158. I highly recommend buying it, if you can find it.